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Friday, September 30, 2011

Peanut Butter ROLO cookies....yummmmm

Thought today was a perfect day to make my 87 year old father some cookies. He has Parkinsons Disease severely. I hope he sits down and munches away. He is loosing weight rapidly, and maybe this will help put a bit back on.
I know every little girl thinks she has the "best dad in the world" but i truly do..:)
Have a FALLISHOUS afternoon!


fun with fall colors!

Finding Friday!

It's friday! On fidays i enjoy going through my house making "little" changes here and there. I added the tassel to the end table and the lamp, and i think it adds just the right touch! The end table was purchased at "weekends only" for $99.00! If my mother could steal this and carry it home on her back..she would!! LOL!
Enjoy your friday..and be a blessing to everyone you meet!
until later,

Thursday, September 29, 2011

autumn evening on our porch...

evening falls so softly, it slips into place, birds hush now, the last of the summer cricket still chirp,autumn is here. did you ever just sit and count just how many blessings you have? This evening as i sit on the front porch, i thank HIM for all that He has done.

Happy Thursday

Good Morning, friends! It's a Thursday with an Artic Cold frond on it's way. High winds are predicted for this afternoon. Enjoy your day, and thank you for stopping by.

Entry way @ fall...

This is the entry way at our home. The clock in the picture is over 150 years old. It belonged to my great grandmother, and was recently given to me my sweet daddy. It keeps perfect time and has a precious "tick and chime" to it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall into the bedroom!

This is our bed, it was a wedding gift from my parents, 38 years ago. It is all dressed in it's Fall finery! I put the electric blanket on because our nights have been chilly and down in the 40's.

I bet you can't guess that the settee use to be a coffee table! My DH, Wayne took an old scratched up coffee table and with a fabric from Hancock Fabric and foam turned it into this lovely piece at the foot of our bed. The total price of this amazing transformation was a whopping $15.00, I love that man!!

Be blessed and Be a blessing today!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

outside it's fall

simply put, i love decorating for fall...and everything else..too!! this is our front porch!

it's fall at our house....

what fun it is to decorate for fall!
here are some fall decorating ideas...i hope you enjoy, nope LOVE them!!

it's been awhile

since i first started this blog in 08' we have been blessed with 2 more granddaughters! twin girls, ms. maya and ms. macy!. god is good, and i just proved he has a vast sense of humor...really?? EIGHT (count them 8) granddaughters!

so as i said i am really new at this ...and i am looking forward to sharing with you all...the love of the lord, and family. ...oh and did i mention decorating??!! it's a passion! and boy do i do it on the cheap~ thirfting is fascinating, and they say i pretty i am great at it!~

so thank you for stopping by today and watching my sheets blow in the breeze.