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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh Lord, thank you for letting me blog once again!

It's be since November 27th, since I have been able to blog.  Oh, how I missed each and everyone of you during this absents.  Due to health reasons and just be generally overwhelmed, I stopped.  BUT, now I am back and better than ever.  So welcome to our home, once's been just too long since we have had you as our guest!

 So, let's start out with our romantic Valentine's Day Mantle.  My cherubs are easily adapted to celebrate the LOVE holiday.

With the mantle so busy, I went for a more classic look on the end table.  The old book is "Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm" with a date of 1923 on the inside cover.

The other day on my way to my mother's home, I stopped by GW and there it was, this heavy cut glass beauty!  Isn't she just the berries!!  $9.89, and she was all mine.   On the same day, I scored this lovely old candle holder.  The patina is perfect, and she too JUMPED into my card for $2.89!

She really isn't old, but she thinks she is! :)   I don't know about you, but when I find to treasures in one day at GW, I swear it feels like I have wings on my feet!

I place this love worded picture on an old stand behind my Bible, and I think it looks perfect.  The patina on the stand is the same patina that is on the cherub candle holder.  Ahhh, who could ask for anything more!

 Tomorrow, we will move into the dinning room.  I just can't wait for you to see all the RED, Hearts, and Silver in there!

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